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36th Annual Real Property Law Section Retreat

Program Materials & Supplemental Items

We have uploaded the education program materials for the 2017 Conference on this site for you to peruse before the Conference. 

The Real Property Law Section  


36th Annual Real Property Law Section Retreat


Friday, April 21, 2017 Materials

 1-Partnership Exchanges and IRC Sec 1031.pdf

2-California Boundary Law.pdf

3-Legal Ethics in Real Estate Disputes.pdf

4-Rental Demonstration Program (RAD).pdf 

5-Leasing Bootcamp I -Commercial Real Estate Leasing Basics.pdf

6-What is in your Prime Contract-Key Construction Contract Terms for a Successful Project.pdf

7-Resolving Residential Real Estate Disputes.pdf

 8-Speaker Luncheon - Disruption and Sea Level Rise.pdf

9-Insider Tips from In-House Counsel – What We Look for In Outside Real Estate Counsel.pdf

10-Transfer Tax & Real Estate.pdf

11-Landslides in CA-What Every Real Estate Attorney Needs to Know.pdf

12-Part I -Property Rights, Inverse Condemnation & Government Land Use Regulation.pdf

12-Part II-Property Rights, Inverse Condemnation & Government Land Use Regulation.pdf

13-Sharing and Spear Catching.pdf

14-Real Estate Litigation 101 – Landlord-Tenant Law.pdf

15-Latest on High Tech Office Leasing.pdf

16-Marketing Secrets for Developing an Awesome Real Estate Practice.pdf


Saturday, April 22, 2017 Materials

17-Hot topics in retail leasing from in-house leasing lawyers perspective.pdf 

18-California P3s Demystified.pdf

19-How Not to Die-The Journey to Great Health.pdf

20-Private Judging and Mediation.pdf

21-Top California Real Property Law Cases of 2016.pdf

22-7th Annual Real Estate Executives Roundtable.pdf

23-Leasing Bootcamp II Ancillary Lease Documents.pdf

24-State's Density Bonus Law.pdf

25-Mexico Investment Outlook in the Wake of Trump.pdf

 26-Reasonable Accommodations, Modifications, and Construction Issues under the Fair Housing Act and California Law .pdf

27-Airbnb Financial Opportunity or Legal Nightmare.pdf

28-Ideas and Challenges Related to the Cannabis Industry and Real Property.pdf


Sunday, April 23, 2017 Materials 

29-Improvements-What Could Possibly Go Wrong.pdf 

30-Conducting and Evaluating Environmental Due Diligence for Real Estate Transactions.pdf

31-Real Estate Broker Fiduciary Duty Before and After the Horiike v Coldwell Banker decision.pdf

 32-Legal Descriptions-What Real Property Attorneys Need to Know.pdf

33-The Top Ten Mistakes by Real Estate.pdf

34-Doing it Right-Buying, Selling and Estate Planning with Mexican Residential Real Estate.pdf

35-Beyond the Basics of Real Estate Litigation.pdf


Points of view or opinions expressed in these materials are those of the speaker(s).  They have not been adopted or endorsed by The State Bar of California's Board of Trustees and do not constitute the official position or policy of The State Bar of California.  Nothing contained herein is intended to address any specific legal inquiry, nor is it a substitute for indepedent legal research to original sources or obtaining separate legal advice regarding specific legal situations.

Copyright 2017 State Bar of California. All Rights Reserved.

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