2013 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar & The California Tax Policy Conference


2013 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar & California Tax Policy Conference

We have uploaded the education program materials for the Tax Annual Meeting and California Tax Policy Conference on this site for you to peruse before the meeting.  Take this opportunity to print materials before the meeting.  At the meeting you will receive a USB drive with a copy of all of these files.  We do not distribute printed copies of the full set of materials at the meeting, unless you pre-ordered the materials.  Check this site after the Conference for additional, supplmental materials provided by speakers.

Points of view or opinions expressed in these pages are those of the speaker(s) and/or author(s). They have not been adopted or endorsed by the State Bar of California’s Board of Trustees and do not constitute the official position or policy of the State Bar of California. Nothing contained herein is intended to address any specific legal inquiry, nor is it a substitute for independent legal research to original sources or obtaining separate legal advice regarding specific legal situations. ©2013 State Bar of California All Rights Reserved

Click on the program of your choice:

01 - International Roundtable.pdf

02 - Leveraging Charitable Gifts in a Low Interest Rate.pdf

03 - Federal Tax Reform - Are We There Yet Will We Get There.pdf

04 - Ethics - The Estate Planner Roadmap to Navigating Conflicts.pdf

05 - To Conform or Not To Conform - What's All the Fuss About.pdf

06 - Decanting Wine is Easy - Decanting Trusts is Not.pdf 

07 Designing Your Tax Law Career.pdf 

08 - Gift Tax Returns - Preparation and Audits.pdf

09 - Taxpayer Confidential - Exception for Inter-Agency Information Sharing.pdf


09 COURSE SUPPLEMENTAL REFERENCE MATERIAL - 2013 State Bar Tax Conference - FOIA Requests Power Point - Betty Williams.pdf

10 - Planning Under the New Legislation.pdf

11 - Hot Topics in Criminal Tax Matters.pdf

12 - Tax Court Litigation-What Everyone Needs to Know - PROGRAM MATERIALS AVAILABLE AT A LATER TIME.pdf

12 - SUPPLEMENTAL PROGRAM MATERIAL - Tax Court Litigation- Narrative 1.docx

12 - SUPPLEMENTAL PROGRAM MATERIAL - Tax Court Press Rel - Supp 2.docx

13 - A Primer for Attorneys and CPAs Serving on Nonprofit Boards.pdf

14 - Where Crummy and Other Trust Provisions Go South with SNTs.pdf

15 - The Sales Tax Warriors Defending Against Mark-Up Audits in the Golden State.pdf

16 - Estate & Gift Tax Update - Party's Not Over in 2013.pdf

17 - It Can Be Expensive to be a Responsible Party.pdf

18 - I Need the Answer Please.pdf

19 - Defensive Strategies in Complex Civil Audits.pdf

20 - The Continued Appraisal Attack.pdf

21 - Ethics and Conflicts of Interest - PROGRAM MATERIALS AVAILABLE AT A LATER TIME.pdf

21 - SUPPLEMENTAL PROGRAM MATERIAL - 2013 CA State Bar Tax Section Annual Meeting - Ethics and Conflicts of Interest (00028799).docx

22 - Nexus Maybe - Doing Business in California.pdf

23 - Federal Procedural Roundtable.pdf

24 - Current Developments in Corporate Taxation - PROGRAM MATERIALS AVAILABLE AT A LATER TIME.pdf

24 - PROGRAM SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL - CA Bar 2013 - Current Developments in Corporate Taxation ppt.pdf

25 - International Tax Compliance.pdf

26 - Tax Lessons from Tax Returns.pdf

27 - 2013 SALT Cases that Promise to Shake Up the Landscape.pdf

28 - BOE-FTB Audit Red Fights - Illuminating The Dirty Dozen.pdf

29 - The Ugly Duckling Taxes - California Property Local and Special Taxes.pdf

30 - Intangibles - You Cant Touch But They May Tax.pdf

31 - California Budget and Legislation - 2013 in Review.pdf

32 - The View with Special Guest Hosts, Members of the BOE.pdf

33 - Behave - Ethics in State and Local Tax.pdf

34 - Shave and a Haircut - Two Thoughts on the Future of the Multistate Tax Compact after Gillette.pdf

35 - Sick and Tired of Bad Tax Treatment - Come Here to Discuss Litigation Remedies.pdf

36 - Knowing Your Audience - Winning a Tax Dispute in State Court.pdf

     Prog 36 - Supplemental Item - Smokeless.doc

     Prog 36 - Supplemental Item - Wednesday, October 30, 2013.pdf

37 - What, Me Worry - California Personal Income Tax Issues Worth Discussing in A Largely Corporate Setting.pdf

38 - California Chief Counsel Roundtable.pdf 

39 - Navigating California's Administrative Appeals.pdf

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