47th Annual IP Institute

47th IP Institute 

Program Materials

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Friday, November 3, 2023 

9:00AM - 10:00AM 

IP Valuation "Nuts and Bolts" for IP Lawyers 

Materials: IP Valuation Nuts and Bolts for IP Lawyers.pdf 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/9tukDa5WJh5icDd9A 

MCLE Certificate: 1. IP Valuation Nuts and Bolts_MCLE CERT.pdf

10:15AM - 11:15AM  

Protecting and Enforcing Your IP in Virtual Environments 

Materials: ROM materials for panel.docx

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/6n74bYKCftK8Cytb8 

MCLE Certificate: 2. Protecting and Enforcing Your IP_MCLE CERT.pdf 


Safe Harbor - Drug Development and Research Tools 

Materials: 23.10.31 Safe Harbor Presentation Ghosh Shear Raich.pptx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/H8SSJyYdhC7ycBZw6 

MCLE Certificate: 3. Safe Harbor – Drug Development_MCLE CERT.pdf


11:30AM - 12:30PM 

Generative AI and Copyright: Where We Are 

Materials: Reuters v. ROSS - District Court First to Consider.pdf

Court Says No Human Author, No Copyright (but Human Authorship of GenAI Outputs Remains Uncertain).pdf

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/VZyGLexswHUX6Lgv5 

MCLE Certificate: 4. Generative AI and Copyright_MCLE CERT.pdf


Patent Litigation Trends: What the Numbers Reveal About Resolving Patent Disputes in District Court and at the PTAB

Materials: CLA_ip-institute-2023_Template_PowerPoint_ Litigation Trends.pptx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/RD5irjqBuMw7kJac7 

MCLE Certificate: 5. Patent Litigation Trends_MCLE CERT.pdf


2:00PM - 3:00PM 

No Love in "The House That Ruth Built". Black Musical Performance and the Scourge of Copyright Law 


Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/vjBjw15gZZWuCtWt6 

MCLE Certificate: 6. No Love in “The House That Ruth Built”_MCLE CERT.pdf 


3:15PM - 4:15PM 

Heating Up Alphabet Soup: An Update on State Privacy Laws from CCPA, VCDPA, and Beyond 

Materials: CLA_IntellectualPropertyLaw_Heating Up Soup.pptx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/cvtexPP5X4dSmJBS8 

MCLE Certificate: 7. Heating Up Alphabet Soup_MCLE CERT.pdf


Trademark Licensing as Brand Strategy and Business Driver 

Materials: Trademark Licensing_IP Institute_Final.pptx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/FEV2NVXyJYdUvS6T9 

MCLE Certificate: 8. Trademark Licensing as Brand Strategy_MCLE CERT.pdf


Saturday, November 4, 2023 

9:00AM - 10:00AM 

Leveraging the TMA: Strategies for Successful Expungements and Reexaminations 

Materials: CLA_IP-Institute_TMA pres 10.27.2023.pptx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/MHSCC9g6EGGsHKE57 

MCLE Certificate: 9. Leveraging the TMA_MCLE CERT.pdf


Patent Year in Review: US and Europe 

Materials: 2023 US and European Patent Law- CLA.pptx.pdf 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/QsXwhHbfqEYD68jf7 

MCLE Certificate: 10. Patent Year in Review_MCLE CERT.pdf 


10:15AM - 11:15AM 

Keynote Speaker - Section 230: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly 

Materials: Section 230 The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.docx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/STmqeAtbCBMauUxV6 

MCLE Certificate: 11. Keynote Speaker-Section 230_MCLE CERT.pdf 


2:00PM - 3:00PM 

Supreme Court Copyright & Trademark Year in Review and Look-Ahead 

Materials: CLA IP Institute 2023 - TM and CR Supreme Court Year in Review and Look-Ahead (FINAL) (002).pdf

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/psAHcbcnQXBghaFm6 

MCLE Certificate: 13. Supreme Court Copyright & Trademark_MCLE CERT.pdf 


Advising AI Clients: Innovation, Challenges, and Future

Materials: Advising A Clients.docx

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/XSj6ehDsSS3fYGJ46 

MCLE Certificate: 14. Advising AI Clients_MCLE CERT.pdf


3:15PM - 4:15PM 

Rule 8.3, AI, and Other Hot Topics in Legal Ethics 

Materials: CLA_ip-institute-2023_Rule 8.3 AI and Other Legal Ethics - (2023).pptx 

Evaluation Form: https://forms.gle/qrZhfyeuj3rhCPTi8 

MCLE Certificate: 15. Rule 8.3, AI, and Other Hot Topics_MCLE CERT.pdf 


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