38th Annual Real Property Law Section Spring Conference

Program Materials & Supplemental Items

We have uploaded the education program materials for the 2019 Spring Conference for you to view beforehand.  

 Supplemental materials may be added, and will only be available on this site.   

 Program Schedule

Program Schedule.pdf


38th Annual Real Property Retreat Brochure.pdf

The California Lawyers Association Real Property Law Section


FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019

Session 1 -Civility - Unintended Consequences .pdf


Session 3 - Artificial Intelligence.pdf

Session 4 - Marriage Counseling.pdf

Session 5 - The Places That Scare You.pdf

Session 6 - When Adversaries are Friends.pdf

Session 7 - Roads_Streets_and_Highways.pdf

Session 8 - Barriers to Housing Production; Real and perceived.pdf

Session 9 - Short Term Rentals.pdf

Session_10-Women_in_the _Profession.pdf

Session 11 - But I Only Had Two Beers! How Alcohol and Drugs .pdf

Session 12 - Keys to Success.pdf

Session 13 - Workspace for Hire.pdf

Session 14 - Measure of Damages.pdf

Session 15 - New Ethics Rules.pdf

Session 16 - Who Really Signed that Document.pdf

Session 17 - Reducing Land Use Conflicts.pdf

Session_18-Wages of Subsidy 1.0.pdf



Session 19 - PG&E Chapter 11.pdf

 Session 20 - Ethical Rules.pdf

Session 21 - An In-Depth Analysis of Section 1031 & it’s Many Myths.pdf

Session 22 - Ground Leases.pdf

Session 23 - Coastal Development Update.pdf

Session 24 - The Business Law Workshop.pdf

Session 25 - 9th Executive Roundtable.pdf

Session 26 - Attorneys Fees in Bankruptcy Cases Post-Penrod Expect the Unexpected.pdf


Session_28_-_2019.05.04 You Are More Than A Lawyer.pdf

Session 30 - Negotiating Title Insurance.pdf

Session 31 - Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes Avoiding Traps for the Unwary.pdf

Session 32 - The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles.pdf

Session 33 - Green Leases.pdf

Session 34 - Litigation Under Housing Accoutability Act.pdf

Session 35 - New Mandatory Disclosures.pdf


SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019

Session 36 - ADA Compliance for Existing Building.pdf

Session 37 - Effectively Litigating.pdf

Session_38-Into the Land of OZ- Exploring Opportunity Zone Funding and Real Estate Investements in Low Income Communities.pdf

Session 39 - #MeToo.pdf

Session 40 - Let’s talk about Diversity.pdf

Session 41 - New Legislation Highlights.pdf

Session 42 - What Every Real Estate Attorney Needs.pdf

Session 43 - Comparing the AIR and CAR.pdf

Session 44 - Ensuring Compliance with Emerging Rent Control Laws.pdf

Session 45 - State of Seismic Retrofit.pdf

Session 46 - The Ins and Outs.pdf

Session 47 - The Final Transaction.pdf


 Thank you to all the sponsors that made this year's confernece possible

38th Annual Real Property Law Section Spring Conference

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