ILS 2023 Barcelona Summer CLE Conference

2023 Barcelona Summer CLE Conference 

Program Materials  

Panel 1 - Comparative Analysis in Sports Law 

What is Sports Law_ Shaping Your Place in the Space.pptx.pdf

Presentación (2).pdf

Panel 2 - Compliance: The role of the compliance officer - the US vs. the European Approach

 The Role of the Compliance Officer Final 7-10-23.pptx

Panel 3 - Corporate Disputes, Shareholders' Agreements and Arbitration 

 the arbitration in italy.pdf

Corporate Disputes ppt - Byrne.pdf

Panel 4 - Consumer Mediation and Arbitration 


 Consumer Mediation and Arbitration - Sambold.pdf

Consumer Mediation and Arbitration - Pineda.pdf

Panel 5 - Cybersecurity and Cybercrime 

 Cybersecurity and Cybercrime.pdf

Panel 6 - Global Mobility and Comparative Immigration 

 Summer law programme 2023_EN.pdf

 Barcelona - Canadian Immigration Overview.pdf

Panel 7 - Doing Business and Investing Between Spain and California/US

 CLA 2023_Fundamentals of doing business in Spain.pdf


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